Founder of Red Tiger Unique Boutique, April Gagliano is an enthusiastic licensed hair stylist and artist by heart.  She has over 9 years of professional hair design experience and a lifetime of fashion devotion.  April has a strong flame for creativity and welcomes freedom of expression. She looks forward to the opportunity to challenge her skills and herself as a whole. With that said, she has been blessed to combine her passions of hair and fashion for fulfillment in the next level of her career.

April brings broad knowledge of hair design and is well seasoned with fine and thick textured hair as well as straight and curly. She has curly of her own! Favorites? In her opinion, color and cutting go hand-in-hand and should compliment each other.

And most importantly, April is an avid believer in comfort. She encourages her clients, both in and out of the chair, to do only what makes YOU feel comfortable. In addition, comfort is best paired with confidence and sexiness to complete the ensemble so.....welcome change with open arms and embrace it ladies! Transform yourself  with all that Red Tiger Unique Boutique has to offer.